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Company profile

TEMU Technology Qingdao Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017

TEMU Technology Qingdao Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture company, is committed to the agriculture and animal husbandry breeding industry, engaged in farm planning and design, breeding technology, feeding equipment, research and development, production, sales, installation, after-sales service-oriented enterprise. Teemu China has more than 20 years of experience in equipment manufacturing and export, Teemu Europe has nearly 40 years of experience in product development and application, serving hundreds of farms of different sizes around the world.

TEMU Technology Qingdao Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017

Currently has more than 100 employees, the company is engaged in livestock, poultry, aquatic, cattle, insect breeding and energy recycling and other related industries, to provide intelligent control, Internet of Things cloud platform system as a whole of intelligent ecological farming system.

We have always been adhering to the professional service attitude, first-class quality management, and innovative design concepts to provide users with high-standard intelligent feeding products.

Productive capacity

Currently with 100 employees, the company has been producing feeding technology, control systems and weighing technology for many years. From the very beginning, we have been involved in innovative ideas. Due to the corresponding demand, we have expanded our product range considerably in the meantime, enabling us to become self-sufficient in the fields of pig production and biogas engineering and construction.

  • Chain Workshop

    Chain Workshop

    There are more than 30 workers and many professional production equipments required for the production process of the chain, which can realize the complete production process from the weaving, welding, heat treatment, calibration, injection and so on of the chain of the material line, and at the same time, there is a professional test room and quality inspection personnel;

    At present, the key components of the material line can realize the whole process of independent production from raw materials to products. (High standard, strict requirements, high quality is our original intention)

  • Electric Workshop

    Electric Workshop

    Existing electrical assembly personnel more than 20, and has a full set of electrical assembly and testing and inspection equipment, able to complete the feeding product line a full set of control cabinet assembly and testing, each year can realize thousands of sets of distribution cabinets production and shipment work;

  • Sheet metal Workshop

    Sheet metal Workshop

    We have many advanced laser material, CNC sheet metal bending and welding equipments, which are able to provide high quality production and processing services. From 2021, the company's production began a strategic transformation and upgrading, focusing on the layout of the digital factory construction, increase the upgrading and improvement of products and equipment investment, combined with the factory intelligent management system, the formation of the data management center, optimize the production process, improve the production process, and greatly enhance the quality of the product quality; at present the workshop basically realize the company's products independent production and processing.

  • Injection molding Workshop

    Injection molding Workshop

    Has more than 20 production workers, and has more than one injection molding equipment, hundreds of sets of product molds, can achieve feeding related products independent injection molding production work, there are several sets of professional calibration equipment, assembly equipment and improve the product testing and inspection process, while the laboratory has more than one set of test equipment, each batch of products are inspected, the workshop can provide tens of thousands of pieces of feeding products each year, independent of the production work.



Qingdao Temu Machinery Equipment Co., ltd is officially established , with 5 members.


Qingdao Temu Jimo Branch is officially established, with 15 members


Total 36 regular staff, with 1 PhD, 3 masters, 10 bachelors, 6 specialties.


Temu Technology (QINGDAO) Co., ltd is officially established


Total 56 regular staff, 29+ patents , Total revenue of 104 million RMB


Total 70 regular staff, 40+patents


Qingdao West Coast New District factory is established, officially relocated

Honor and qualification




  • Customer Service Center

    Customer Service Center


  • 7×24 year-round service

    7×24 year-round service

    2 hours response

  • Active intelligent service

    Active intelligent service

    Comprehensive customer service profile with proactive service.

  • Professional service

    Professional service

    Professional and technical guidance to accurately solve any problem.

  • Accessory Option Service

    Accessory Option Service

    Spare parts are supplied at any time.